Unrelated by Dan Horrigan Presented by Sky or the Bird

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Unrelated (Scratch Productions) was produced by Scenepool at The CPT, The New Diroama, and The Jermyn Street – a review can be found here:


This generous support was essential to the development of the play.

Unrelated Window

I knew I wanted to write a story that played with dark inversions. I took the things I admired about people, who had been instrumental in shaping what I care about. I thought deeply about why those things were important to me, and why they serve the greater good.

I had a set of clear moral imperatives that stood good and true. They came to me through channels I respect and admire. This was very important to me in my research, I had to know what I stood for, what I knew to be true and good.

I then created my characters, who in different ways, all believed these things to be true and good.

From that point on I began to apply pressure to their lives, pressure, that moved those goals further and further away. Some of them forgot these goalsĀ and got lost in their pain. Some couldn’t understand how others couldn’t agree with them. Some were very creative in the lengths they would go to to pretend they didn’t need what they want. Others took what they thought they wanted, only to discover it wasn’t what they needed.

This pressure drove them to extreme lengths, it buckled, and warped, and terrified them. Some of the pressure came from within them, much of it was coming from without. The more they tried to do without what they really wanted, the less they could see the pressure working away at them – until it got to the point they were doing dangerous things with no idea how they had gotten there.

Eventually none of them could look at the good and true without feeling a terrifying sense of estrangement.

I took good and true things, applied a merciless pressure, expanded on a flaw – and created a domestic tragedy.

The production at The Drayton Theatre was wonderfully directed by Tom Latter, and the cast were all superb. It was a privilege to see my work so wonderfully executed, and a real turning point for me. I remain forever humble and grateful for their service.




During the run I had a freewheeling chat about it all on The Great Acting Blog:


And also contributed to this blog here:


If you saw Unrelated thank you for being there.

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