The Broken Heart Ford Presented by Secret Centre Theatre

Secret Centre followed up Orestes (2005) with Ford’s The Broken Heart in January 2006.

You get a chance to see this gorgeous rarity at The Sam Wannamaker directed by Caroline Steinbeis in April 2015 – I’ve already booked my tickets.

Here’s some media to give an impression of our production back in 2005.


Natalie Bennett at Blogcritics, January 15, 2006

Among the standout performances, Richard Keightley manages the difficult task of being both sympathetic yet also increasingly unbalanced in the central role of Orgilus, the young man who can’t come to terms with the loss of the woman he loved who was to have been his bride. Lindsay McConville as Calantha, the heir to the kingdom of Sparta, manages the final climactic scene with controlled power; Bridget Collins as Euphranea, the one woman who gets to live happily ever after, is all young, joyous, puppyish love.

Among the older generation, Kate King delivers a delightful performance as the cynical woman-of-the-world Grasius […] David Vale as Crotolon, Orgilus’s father, is an epitome of the proud but exasperated patriarch. […]

This is truly classic theatre as entertainment. If you’ve got any “Juliets” or “Romeos” in your household, you might further convert them to classic theatre with this production.

Mary Couzens at ExtraExtra, January 2006

by John Ford
Directed by Dan Horrigan
The White Bear Theatre

The Broken Heart by John Ford, […] is about as ambitious a production as you could imagine in this small, much-lauded fringe venue […] [T]he themes and setting of the play (post-war victorious Sparta) are still relevant to our own lives and immediate pasts, both public – as in the phenomena of war and its aftermath, and, on an individual basis, in the realm of love and relationships. […]

All of the players in Secret Centre Theatre’s The Broken Heart take to their roles with enthusiasm and conviction […;] within the entire cast, not one actor seemed the least bit out of character in their roles, and all turn in finely tuned performances […;] each and every one of the actors in The Broken Heart adds their own particular note of excellence to this rare theatrical experience.

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