Perennial by Dan Horrigan

I’m currently road testing a dramatic monologue called Perennial, which I hope to move forward. I directed Dave Beynon in the piece at Hackney Picturehouse (Attic) earlier in February, and the audience gave the following feedback:

Very good story teller. Very confident. Bit too deep and dark for me!

‘He made me dream, and he caught my dream’ Fave Line

Very random but extremely engaging.

‘Everything is dying, like it does in London.’ – fucking brilliant sentence. Brilliant writing and equally brilliant acting.

Powerful monologue, really loved it, writing and performance.

I had to leave but halfway through when I came back the room was enthralled and the tension was tangible.

So much realness, laid bare. Blown away by your honesty. So engaging.

Great performance, Dave, really felt the extreme fantasies we all have about hurting others – very watchable and good acting.

Brilliant! Really great, dark writing and genius of a performer. Best act!

Absolutely gripping writing and an incredible actor. Got the accent down, word flow, eye contact. A brilliant collaboration.

Bloody intense! V.good.

Excellent writing and good delivery. Very dark but honest. Stressful but in a good way.

Like a creative psychopath – horrible and funny. Would like a night out with him but I’d have to watch the c*nt!

Dave was brilliant!

Amazing. Took me on a journey, I was there when he met Jaeger Bomb Boy, cornered the sister in law, the whole works. Brilliant.

This was brilliant. We loved the acting and powerful script. We would like to see more of this is part of a larger piece. Would love to see it followed by a Q&A with the writer. The powerful moment with the wealthy 24 year old in the pub was something we were really struck by and could imagine.

Great performance. Not sure about the representation of women and gay people e.g. city boy is cool and dominant at the bar then turns out to be weak and gay …. sister in law is top lawyer who ‘destroys men’.

I’m in awe of you, one talented actor. Units of writing were played well, story made me question my relationship.

Intense excellent delivery.

Overall nice, the beginning of something really interesting – though at the moment it feels like the beginning of a process. The text needs to be streamlined a bit. A little bit less prosaic.

Engaging – great acting even when he had the script. Relevant, amazing writing.

Great writing, good acting – just rushed at the start.

So, as you can see it’s not a bad start.

I hope to continue to road test the piece all over London. I am currently setting the piece to music by Franc Cinelli and experimenting with what we find at Rowan Arts in March. I’ll report back in then on how it goes.

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