Your writing matters

I have taken some time out of writing to be in new circumstances. I took on a job that did me a world of good.

During that time the 4 years previously I spent writing consistently remained. I spent a good deal of time not writing and doing admin. So, my work got out there as consistently as it ever has. Because I stayed in the game.

Time spent not writing was time spent well. I did some great things. I made some great connections. I made new friends and saw beautiful things. I worked with young people and it was inspiring and I learned from them.

I did slip in making some films on the sly – writing them. But, they were not huge endeavours. But they are doing well and people enjoy them. I also got some poems done and realised I enjoy poetry – I always have – and should look into that more than I do.

I’m now in new circumstances and as a result of all this Living, giving, and experiencing – I’m coming back to writing. I’ve changed and I’ve still got my core. I’m ready to write.

Your writing matters and so does your time not writing. Your time not writing is never a waste if you want it to mean something to you and other people.