Protect the Feeling

When you get into writing you learn how to protect the feeling you are writing from. It helps if you can name the feeling – joy, love, bliss, anger, regret, sorrow, fear, sadness, happiness, scepticism – whatever the feeling is you are writing from – you should try to name it. Once you’ve named it, tap it and keep tapping it, and be brave. You have to stay connected to that feeling – but you also need to protect that feeling. Find a way to protect it and find a way to keep the water in the well.

It helps to have a disciplined approach to writing – I don’t mean sit up straight in your chair – I mean a way of protecting the feeling so it remains alive to you. When you are doing the writing you’ve got to keep the channel open.

You might find your feeling, all that water in the well, goes into your day to day. This can be a positive and a negative – I have learned to let the world be available to me. You can’t deny the world and what happens in it, not only is it a poor way to be in the world, it will run your well dry.

What is useful is to develop a way of being in the world that keeps the water in the well, that replenishes the water. Sometimes, the world can run your well dry. There are many demands and distractions and sometimes an insoluble problem or two to keep you distracted.

That is why you should be disciplined with your writing – you should protect the feeling from which you write. When the feeling can help you live in the world that is good, very very good, and it is why the best writing teachers will help you write from a place of love – with courage – and an open heart. It makes you strong, strong enough to protect the feeling.

If you write from a secure place you can write with anger. Or regret, Or any of those hot feelings – which are difficult to live with. However, I strongly urge you to consider writing from your most secure space and I would encourage you to consider this to be a place of love. Love lets you visit the underworld and gets you back again. It is your best bet in a script/world that has plenty of vicissitudes to create a drama.

You will know when you need to protect the feeling and you must, I’m sorry to say if you don’t already know, be prepared for some bruises. These bruises you can tap and you must always think well of yourself as you do this – let love in.