Tips on writing

Imagine being able to write really badly and its ok…

Imagine a world where it doesn’t matter if people understand you or get you… it’s easy and you don’t even have to try that hard 😉

Imagine a world where you can write something and hate it even if you really really tried hard – you have the right to repudiate your work

Always know, no matter how badly you fail and how badly you think of yourself it was worth it and you should think well of yourself even if you fail utterly and spectacularly

Writing a play is never worth it (sometimes, and you should just carry on)

Those closest to you may well end up hating your favourite bits (for excellent reasons and you should listen)

Sometimes, everybody will have a different dislike and nobody will agree – this could mean its working really well or is genuinely a waste of people’s effort in reading and you have to be able to discern and stick to it once you have

Writing is good for you and may not be good to you

Don’t write about your own life and let what happens in your life be available

Write about your own life if you want to

Don’t get hung up on the truth or the message listen to the characters and be vigourously honest about what they are up to and why

If you get a voice write it down and coax it back if it comes and goes

Enbrace the fact you have no voice and keep writing

The most important thing is to remember only you know and nobody else can tell you why (except genius directors who are always worth listening to and actors who surprise you and delight you and scare you and an audience may want to have a say) and in the end its up to you what to beleive so listen to yourself and have faith

You are not responsible for what people think of your work. If they agree chances are they came in agreeing in the first place and only a few plays in the history of writing have ever genuinely changed peoples minds – so don’t worry about this and stick to a good story.

Good luck in your writing and remember you can do it whenever you like and the more you do it the more it gives you. Let it enlarge your heart

Good luck in your writing and be well with yourself

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