I’m sat at my desk, going through the large number of notes I have accumulated on a play I am writing.

I’m absolutely humbled and touched, I really feel the amount of thought that has gone into the feedback. At the risk of sounding sentimental, there was a time I didn’t have this. A time I had to go through the whole process without the level of support I have now.

It was a very taxing time and many projects withered to nothing. A lot of work stayed locked away. Now, that was a fortifying time, which gave me some endurance and insight. But it cost a lot, it cost a lot of pleasure, and it was a stinging and bruising time.

That time is in stark contradistinction to the generosity and abundance of thought that people have shown me today, and actually for a while now.

What that teaches you is to pass it on, and my advice to you is to find those people. They are out there, and they are genuine. The differences can be bracing, but you are all the better for it. The recognition is transforming.

Don’t give up.

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