Report on the past #1

As I have mentioned on a previous blog I have been going back in order to go forward. Having been recomposed, turned inside out, and formed into a pro at the writing game at Drama Centre during 2013-15 I thought it would be interesting to go over the work I did between 2001 and 2012.

I am pleased to say that the guy writing that stuff back then was right to go and do the MA Dramatic Writing, and I have a lot of time for him.

One particular play – which led me to Ola Animashawun and in turn led me to Drama Centre struck me as very interesting. I can read that play with some justifiable pride. It’s a play about consent, I always knew that, and it is reassuring to see how I handled the theme. It got me shortlisted for The King’s Cross Award for New Writing and it got me in the room with a brilliant cast for a fine adventure with Writers Avenue.

– What is it you want?

– Consent

– Joanne

– Listen to me. You have to do right by me and Jen. That’s what you owe us.

Thinking about it now – armed with the knowledge I have acquired since 2013 – I have no doubt that those years spent writing – because I wrote consistently – and as a habit – were crucial in preparing me for form and structure. The work was sprawling, some of it was terrible – but some of it was not. I did the right thing, I learned craft and technique. I was writing very hot things, and I got burned more than once. Now I can hold on to what I need to because craft and technique are like oven gloves! You can be writing at 180F but if you can’t get a handle on it you aren’t ever going to set it on the table.

Craft and Technique help you handle those things that would otherwise burn you.

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