As I have remarked elsewhere, one of the ways to get into a play is through experience. Things occur out there in the world that make it into your poetics.

I was flying out from Miami recently, a gorgeous city. The flight out afforded me a view of the city at night. I have to say it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The city had a beautiful texture – it was all lit up – and it looked like a Klimt painting run through a power grid. It was beautiful and it will stay with me.

Before I got this wonderful privilege I was wassailing in the bar. Drinking Budweiser, a real American beer. Sarah Palin was on the TV endorsing Donald Trump. I won’t go into details about the content, you can watch it yourself. It was an event.

After Palin’s endorsement, the news turned to ‘Europe’ whatever that means. A trio of GoP women were giving their opinions on the import of ‘rape culture’ in Europe. They were saying Multi-Culturalism doesn’t work, and assimilation was required. To back this up they played a recording of a man (whom we were led to believe was an immigrant) making a pass at a woman (who was handling it brilliantly, she shut him down). It was pretty disturbing stuff as you are no doubt aware.

I was worried about this because in classroom’s young men are talking more and more about rape, and they are boys really, and they are as far as I am aware immigrants or the children of recent immigrants. As we have seen with ‘I live in a terrorist house’ (sic terraced) teachers are now obligated to report any instances of suspected extremism, and students are being interrogated by the police.

These things were on my mind because I was writing up an assignment for my teacher Greg Mosse – he wants me to write like a genius (he is literally teaching us to write like Shakespeare). It fell into place as I was getting on the plane.

A picture of a woman’s arse, in tight jeans, with a mobile phone in her back pocket. Above the picture the message (I don’t have a problem with the medium) ‘Tap The App’ – I must say it did cross my mind what the ad guys were exporting.

So you see these things combined – they all occured in a sequence – and I had that feeling I get when something new that I must write about awakens.

Sometimes things happen and you simply have to do something about them, I am a writer, so I will write about it.

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