I’ve never been worried about being inspired.

I’ve never been fearful that I can’t take something magnificent and try to make something of my own from it, certainly learn from it and let it do what it is there to do to me.

I don’t see why people would want to hide their brush-strokes, unless they’re ashamed.

But it does draw the sleuths out of people sometimes. People like a bit of Cluedo. It was Album X in the charts in the 90s, with The Grammy. Well of course it was. It was Album X in the 90s, with the GRAMMY.

Essentially a lot of people are afraid to miss references. It goes back to school, where you could get points and win prizes for knowing what was what – and categorising the various fauna and flora of your English teacher’s favourite writers. And I know, because that’s what I did and it was huge fun.

So you have to unpick all that, you have to be very careful with what you surround yourself with, and you have to be patient as these influences you adore – from film, art, architecture, music whatever they may be – come into your work. You have to be patient in letting them do what they are there to do. Then you have the chance to show what its done to you, and how you have done something of your own from this experience.

So why worry? If you have the will and the motivation and get ideas above your station – it is entirely possible you will learn the lessons, let those gorgeous things do what they are there to do, and make the work you need to.

It’s as natural as rain.

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