Back To The Future

It can seem wrong to go back. Where you are in the here today and now is what you have.

Deals are being struck everywhere you look, for a better tomorrow. There are no guarantees for what we are living now. Paradise is contingent on a promise for a better tomorrow if you put away your hopes for today.

For that reason people look back, thinking they had it better in the good old days. They want to bring back the good old days. But the good old days weren’t really as good as we think. The same thing was going on, we were being promised a better tomorrow if we could only put away our hopes for the present. The difference is the deal at that time seemed palatable. So we were optimistic. The past was a herald to a bright future, so we look back on the times we had some hope.

Then another day passes, and another, and the deal gets a little less palatable with each passing day. So much so we forget what we had to be optimistic about.

That’s why I am going back. I’m going back to remember what was promised, and how I felt about it. When I rediscover that feeling, I’m going to bring it more and more into the present. Then I’m going to do what I can to make it work here today and now.

I hope to be a little more proactive about the future, because once you have something that is good, you are inclined to take care of it. Getting that good thing, bringing it into the present, and nurturing it. That’s how I can make sure it’s here today, and tomorrow, and so on and so on. For myself and other people.

It’s also how I am going to look after my art this year.

It’s a little bit retro, and its forward-looking as well.

Happy New Year.

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