Blast From The Past – Open Secret Podcast

Open Secret Podcast

At my last birthday I had a conversation with a friend I hadn’t seen for almost 20 years (though we correspond regularly). During the conversation we discussed how there wasn’t a single cell in our bodies that was the same last time we met. We pondered if that was the case, how we could remember all those days we spent at school all those years ago. I think I mentioned that we don’t remember the actual events, we remember the last time we remembered them. It was an unusual conversation, because so much history was in the present moment – so that it was loaded with expectation and curiosity. We were adjusting to who we were in that present moment, and having to let go of the expectations and the past to really see each other. It was a fascinating and fun encounter. I felt a bit like I was 1997 again!

It is in the spirit of that encounter I am presenting some work from 2006. I am a completely different person from 2006, again there is not a single cell in my body that has not changed since then.

I am a different person.

But I think people may still enjoy this podcast!

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