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DRUNKEN NIGHTS is a series of performance events in pubs.
Each night features a range of live performers, who have taken inspiration from the traditions of the Great British pub. With unexpected theatre, off-beat stand-up comedy, experimental dance – and maybe even a good old fashioned sing-song. All of the acts take place in the main bar area so you can enjoy the evening from the comfort of your own bar stool with your tipple of choice. All events are FREE and you don’t need tickets.


All events compered by Tom Marshman:

THURSDAY 22 OCT 2015, 8pm
HEADLINER: Ursula Martinez (Olivier Award Winning cabaret artist)
7 short performances from early career artists:
Benjamin Riedel
Jo Kelen
Rosie Gibbens
Sam Reynolds
Signal Breach
Sky or the Bird
The Ben Mills Collaboration
Plus: A performance by Drunken Chorus

THURSDAY 26 NOV 2015, 8pm
HEADLINER: Nathan Birkinshaw (DRUNKEN NIGHTS II Supported Artist)
6 short performances from early career artists:
Fauve Alice
Francesca Willow
Scarlett Lassoff
Jemima Foxtrot
3s A Crowd
Two’s A Crowd
Plus: Performance by Drunken Chorus and Club Soda

THURSDAY 24 MAR 2016, 8pm
HEADLINER: Christopher Brett Bailey (Creator of the award-winning ‘This Is How We Die’)
3 performances developed as part of DRUNKEN NIGHTS (full line-up to be announced soon)
Plus: Performances by Drunken Chorus and Club Soda

For events in PRESTON and SHEFFIELD visit https://drunkennightsblog.wordpress.com/next-events/

@DrunkenChorus #DrunkenNights4 http://www.facebook.com/DrunkenChorus

Supported by Theatre Delicatessen, Derelict, Uppercut Collective, Sheffield Town Trust, Big Lottery Fund, South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Club Soda and Studio Film School.

How You Respond

You cannot control what people say about you. You can choose how to respond.

Never pretend something is not happening when it clearly is, as Freud said there is no such thing as a coincidence. Freud had a lot of misses, but he was very astute, he had his hits.

I have enjoyed some success in the last few months, and have now settled back into the real world. In between the success and the levelling out, there have been some lessons.

What I want to say, and what I want to impress upon you is the following: if you find that people are hostile, and challenge you, and provoke you, are testing you, or even gaslight you, don’t ignore it.

Accept that the moment is alive with meaning, if it connects with you, don’t ignore it. Decide what it means to you, and don’t be afraid.

The fact is people need a handle on other people, if you are making work, and making your way, you will be discussed. You will be subject to speculation, and you will be subject to character tests. If you come out persil, the game is on, but there are people who will sling mud.

Be free in the way you respond, and do not be afraid, you are the ultimate authority on yourself.

The rest is down where the spirit meets the bone.