Learning To Swim A Collaboration between Talawa Theatre Company and The BBC ‘Gridlocked’

Learning To Swim

This was my first piece for Radio. The opportunity was given to me by Talawa Theatre Company and the BBC. The piece was inspired by the word ‘Gridlock’ – which the writers, of which I was one, could interpret in any way they saw fit. The writers had a five minute span, and all the pieces were woven together to create the complete show.

The piece here is just one part of that show, which was available for podcast until recently.

Sally Avens directed the piece, I have to say she was an absolute joy to work with. I learned so much from her, and the actors Alison Pettitte and Tony Bell. You probably remember them from lots of different pieces you will have heard. They were part of the Radio Rep team. Outstanding actors of wonderful ability.

Working at Broadcasting House for the time I was allotted was brilliant, and I hope you one day get a chance to be there. The facilities are superb, and fiendishly clever. After my time working on Learning To Swim I was completely converted to the joy of Radio Drama.

With thanks to Talawa and The BBC.

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