The longer you stay with a play, the more enjoyable it becomes. I suspect that’s similar to a lot of creative processes. When directing I often have at most four weeks, with a play you can stay in the process a lot longer.

Initially there is a great sense of excitement, the first steps into the world, and it feels wonderful to be going into new territory. The enjoyment deepens over time, as the process starts to acquire more and more deftness. Different elements are introduced, coming in when required, and each of these elements need to be arranged to make a pleasing sense of wholeness. Each element initially disrupts, in order to find its best sense of expression, before the adjustment becomes harmonious – or if you need it to creates a little punctum in the picture. The arrangement of the elements is determined by your sense of truthfulness. Some must create friction, others must synthesise. At all times you are trying to find the feel of the piece, which is a combination of graft and instinct.

When a play is going well you are never bored with it, no matter how many times you read it. You can stay with it, understand how it changes, changes over time, like all things that are alive. If you are very lucky, once it is finished, it still keeps changing.

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