Companies to look out for

This year has been an opportunity to get together with some lovely companies doing good work. I will add to the list as the year progresses, so check back in for tips on who to look out for.

Look out for The East End Literary Salon currently running out of Ophelia in Dalston. I had the pleasure of seeing several rehearsed readings, including a little something of mine. There was some really strong writing in evidence, from the dreamy to the down right dirty.

If you are ever in Croydon you could do worse than check into Matthews Yard, a great cafe with a nice space for arts attached to it. DVM Productions run Scratch nights there once a month, and I’ve been to several of them. There is always something really interesting, and the coffee and beer are really really good.

Scratch That Hackney are to die for. They provide a great evening of music, slams, performance art, theatre operating out of the sublime Hackney Picturehouse. Gorgeous people doing high end scratching.

If you are wondering where to go for amazing women doing brilliant work look out for Whoop N Wail who operate out of the lovely Waterloo East. They produce work that passes the Bechdel Test, and it is never less than inspiring.

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